a jackpot which hasn’t been won in two decades

A rather out-dated slot machine in the MGM Grand is causing the casino bosses a great deal of consternation after the machine has failed to produce a jackpot win in nearly twenty years – although admittedly, the machine seems to be pulling in bigger crowds than their star headlining act, Celine Dion. The casino is rather desperate to get rid of The Lion’s Share machine, the sole survivor of a host of $1 progressive slot machines which were installed during the early 1990’s on the casino floor.

According to Nevada gambling laws, a slot machine is required to pay out at least 75% of the money which goes into the machine before the machine may be removed from the casino floor – and MGM Grand bosses have even gone so far as to advertise that the player who is successful in the quest to nail the jackpot prize (estimated to be approximately $2.3 million) will even be welcomed to take the Lion’s Share machine home with them as a souvenir of their big win. The machine is the oldest three-reeled slot on the casino’s gaming floor, and somewhat unsurprisingly boasts the greatest level of occupancy/play out of all the slot machines in the casino – of which, there are an estimated 1,900 machines currently in operation.

The machine has gained such an immense reputation, that it even has its very own Facebook page as well as a Twitter account, which tracks the current jackpot value. “This machine probably gets played five times more than the average game on our floor,” Justin Andrews, MGM Grand’s executive director of slots, was reported as saying. With every passing year, the machine’s fame continues to rise – and so does that elusive progressive jackpot prize.

With thousands of players constantly flocking to the machine, all hoping to have the lucky stroke which will see them being able to finally crack the machine’s non-winning streak, the casino will continue to cash in on the infamy of the Lion’s Share.

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