Online Poker Classic Tony G Packs New Punches for Players if you do not already heard, has just learned a make-over. Yup, you read that correctly. The already busy poker room recently with the celebrated iPoker Network and is now more than ever to give poker players what they really want … the best damn web-based poker action available to man (and woman of course). What is really attractive about this online service is that it still attracts a lot of less experienced poker players. So the competition while soft, so if you have poker game smarts at all, you want to cash in now before the sharks start bonuses on.Big AboundDid someone mention bonuses? Well, get this: Mister G offer new visitors to 50 percent first deposit bonus up to $ 300 Other promotions and events include the Fort Knox Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments where players can bag $ 50,000 and beyond. This jackpot is progressive and continues to build every week until it is won. There is also a $ 25,000 Rio Jackpot Tournament and $ 15,000 and more Maui Jackpot Sit ‘n’ Go tournaments. On top of all this is Tony G Poker also offers up a weekly $ 100,000, $ 50,000 and $ 20,000 guaranteed tourneys.Games, games and more games. And then some.Tony G Poker an excellent selection of games promises (and limitations) as the usual favorites like Texas Hold ‘Em (No Limit or Fixed Limit), Omaha (Pot Limit or Fixed Limit), Omaha Hi-Lo (No-Limit, Pot-Limit and Fixed Limit), 7-Card Stud (High and Hi-Lo), plus 5-Card Draw. Also available are a wide range of Sit & Go’s and a very appetizing list of multi-table tournaments with guaranteed prize pool. What is really attractive is that the games run on renowned Playtech software, resulting in first-class game action! Playtech, if you are new to the online gaming biz, has developed some of the world’s best online casino poker rake games.Tony G, like most other online poker rooms, 5% up to $ 1.00 FS r Fixed Limit games up to $ 1.00 / $ 2.00, and 5% to $ 3.00 for $ 2.00 / $ 4.00 and beyond. With regard to No Limit & Pot-Limit games, equal to the 5% rake up to $ 3.00 maximum.Supreme ServiceVis customer-to-face customer service, Tony G Poker professionally trained reps are here for you 24 – hour-a-day, 7 days a week by phone, e-mail, fax and live chat. E-mail to the website are answered immediately when possible.Tony G. (born Tony Guoga) was raised in Melbourne, Australia. In 1994 he started playing poker in casinos and is now being considered by other professionals as a very aggressive player. Tony has become famous for his energetic playing style and his humor at the poker tables. Today, he is easily accessible from the World Poker Tour TV viewers recognized. So much so that seeing Tony G. poker tournament final is hardly a surprise.

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