Online Texas Holdem Multi-tabling

There is a mass move these days for Online Texas Holdem poker players to want to play as many tables as possible. There is nothing wrong with this but I do feel that some players move too quickly in this area and it is certainly a move that needs to be managed. In my experience then multi-tabling is not only a great way to make extra money but it is also a great way to expand your poker earnings when your game reaches a plateau.

But yet to play more tables at a form of poker like Texas Holdem either in a limit format or no-limit requires a good technique and also a stronger temperament. If you are playing say ten tables at a time and you have the ability to tilt then you have the makings of a very serious problem. You simply cannot afford to be out of control when you are playing so many tables at the same time.

However I have always found that the players at low-stakes levels will always be weak enough to give a strong and solid no-limit Texas Holdem player an edge playing this way. I have written numerous times how discipline is the key to making money at low-stakes poker and this is something that has been the case for some considerable time. I do not think that jumping straight into multi-tabling is something that should be rushed. The theory is that playing more hands per hour will equate to more rakeback, more earnings and more of everything.

I totally buy into this theory and play numerous tables at no-limit Texas Hold’em myself. There is definitely a huge difference between how you play just a tiny number of poker tables or even one and how you play what you consider to be a large number. As a rule then you really need to tighten up your play when you play a large number of tables and this means playing simple ABC poker. The playing dynamic changes considerably and you really need to play tighter ranges when you multi-table a very large number of tables.

The number of tables that you can play at no-limit Texas hold’em is subjective and some players would think that six tables is an awful lot but many professionals play many times that number. If you can avail yourself of a good rakeback or sign up bonus then you can certainly make very good money multi-tabling. You can work bonuses off pretty quickly when you multi-table and this is one of their primary objectives. However you really need to be playing at a level that can be considered solid otherwise what you are making in rakeback and sign up bonuses will be lost on the actual poker tables.

Multi-tabling low-stakes no-limit Texas Holdem games is a great way to make money for players who have not reached a very high level with regards to their understanding of deep level poker concepts but it is definitely a move that has to be taken with extreme care.

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