Chronicle of an online poker player – Part Six

Author: J. Scott Miller, ‘ Oh my God, what just happened? TILT! ‘ Ok, I was recently on the big blind, and had K-4 of spades. Not the best hand in the world, but there are 5 people in the hand, and no one addressed. The flop came A K-4, none suitable. I bet a decent amount, I flopped 2 pair, and all folded out of a donkey. I then bet on 4th Street, there was no other cards, looked dangerous to me. I’m on it for an ace-queen best. Then he went all-in on the river, and I cried. He had all the time AK, just sitting there calling my bets. Wow, I was pissed. He played well, what can I say? But I was still pissed! Now is the time that you do not want to load and go ‘ tilt o ‘Roll ‘ at all. ‘ Tilt ‘ when you do not know is if someone loses a hand, you know, they should win ‘ , but not. It may have come by a river card, or someone calls your AA with 3-3, and catch a 3 on the flop. Then blow you and your aces out of the water! Losing Hand Are you sure you should still, a player can ruin one’s psyche. Yes, it is such a thing. The trust, with good maps are an explosive mixture, mixed with a decent player to boot his skills. But when you have all three together and lose a page you get this ‘ thing ‘ in your head. It’s a bit like pouring gas on an already raging fire. That’s when amateur player can go ‘ nutty ‘ and start raising like hell, because they are mad they lost, ‘ the last great hand. ‘ Well, if you start doing something, there There are good players waiting for you to pretend that they pounce on you. It may not be an ace with a small kicker, but they smell blood and an emotionally handicapped players chase a ghost Gespenst.Das I am referring, the previous hand. You must be able to shake it and continue on. As the ‘ online ‘ with other players you have the opportunity to ‘ sit out ‘ a hand or two to collect your feelings (if necessary). Playing is emotional not a good thing at all. Yes, you get mad if you lose, that hunt for ‘Prefect of the hand ‘ to someone a flush on the river and catches it. But you must know that this is the same player loses in the end game as dieses.Jeder man loses out a hand and that they know they should have won. You can play it perfectly bet it well and still lose the hand. The thing that sucks is that there are more bad players online these days then good players. This is only a good thing if ‘ YOU ‘ are one of the experienced players who play online to find the goats. But if you are an average player, maybe even learn the game, pay attention to the persecutors, and be very careful, caught in your emotions, if the loss of a great Hand.Also take your medicine. Take a chill pill ‘ after this loss, but not directly back into all out of control. Control of your emotions is a key factor to win.

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