Disadvantages of HUDs in online poker

Disadvantages of using a HUD in PokerIch do not think it is out of line to say that praised one of the prominent and poker tools poker in a HUD (Heads Up Display). This display of information and statistics about your opponents as an overlay or box numbers next to your opponent. Many new players will be running in the purchase of the software, but I want some disadvantages of using this for new players to stellen.Mangelnde hand history. A poker HUD is practically useless if you have enough games and hand to analyze history data and plug on your desktop. The majority of the tools include HUD (including PT, PO and HM) you require your own hand history, you can use at any time purchase history at hand Handhistoryhq.com or software like Poker-Edge, which uses its own central database for players to overcome this problem;. but overall the lack of reliable data makes a HUD useless for new or amateur players. To get an accurate picture 3bet for example, you must need at least 500 hands on your opponent. Anything other than that and you are on sloping / incorrect data leaving do not correlate as spielt.Kosten your opponent. Poker software is not cheap. These products are provided against experienced players and cost upwards of $ 90 ($ 300 + per year if we talk about poker-Edge). While I certainly support that these tools are useful, you need to play enough games and on some level already to take advantage. In short, they are not designed for ‘ new ‘ or micro-stakes players. People are depending on HUD stats. This is really true under experienced grinder. The idea of a ‘ stats junkie ‘ happens when you become dependent on the percentage of statistics and multi-table 10 or more games. Along with the disappointment of the traditional ‘storytelling’ version of the game, it is of something much more self-sufficient and robotics replaced in the strategy. This can also limit your progress and the stakes to a better Spieler.Illegale / Banned at some poker sites. Many of the most popular poker sites ban a series of live tracking these products because they give players an unfair advantage over others. PokerStars have a list of ‘ forbidden ‘ software on its website at the moment, poker-edge. ; Poker sites their terms and condition may at any time and the software that you use now may not be allowed there next year.

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